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    Jewelry of OWN GOLD

    Your own gold and precious stones in a Margriet Jewels piece of jewelry. How fantastic would that be...
    There is a unique possibility to have the piece of jewelry that you like so much from Margriet Jewels made in your own gold. This does not apply to a

    Your OWN gold and precious stones in a Margriet Jewels piece of jewelry or do you perhaps have your own design, but would you like to have your own gold incorporated? Read here the working method in Goudsmid Margriet's workshop. Or feel free to make an appointment in Goudsmid Margriet's workshop.

    An important piece of your own gold

    Because we offer you the possibility to make a piece of jewelry from your own gold, you can have that one special design made into a piece of jewelry that is as personal as possible. So, for example, do you have old wedding rings from your (grand)parents or your first gold ring.. Have this processed into a beautiful piece of jewelry and carry these memories with you forever.
    Master goldsmith Margriet thinks it is very special to make or forge a casting, especially for you, and then to manufacture the piece of jewelry with a piece of gold that is important to you.

    You can also use your own gemstones in a new piece of jewelry!

    Composition of our own gold

    It is important for us to check the gold first. The fact is that we do not know exactly how an alloy is composed. We often receive various old pieces of jewelry that need to be processed into new pieces of jewelry. You will therefore make different alloys into 1 alloy, with the result that it is quite possible that there is some dirt in the casting and this is later visible in the piece of jewelry. There may be some small holes or imperfections in the jewelry, even after finishing (sanding and polishing) the jewelry you can still see this. Since this will not be very visible, it is actually unavoidable and therefore something to take into account in advance.

    Special casting

    To give you the certainty that the piece of jewelry that Margriet can make for you is actually made from your own gold, we will make a separate casting, especially for you or Margriet will forge a new piece of jewelry for you. Your piece of jewelry will be cast or manufactured individually.

    No production at Margriet Jewels and Goudsmid Margriet 

    This applies to all jewelry in the Gràdh and Reijn collections. All orders are approached personally and custom-made for you. Normally, wax trees are made in larger companies per content, for example, 14 kt yellow gold, 14 kt white gold, 18 kt red gold, silver, etc. The parts that must be cast in that grade are placed on them. Then an alloy is made, matching the required content, and the piece of jewelry is cast.

    Since Margriet makes a casting/forging of your own gold, she will only place your jewelry on the wax tree, and with smithing, your gold will be melted and then forged into your jewelry. So you know for sure that no other gold will be added here, or that your gold will also be used for other jewelry.

    The gold that remains will be returned to you in good order from us.

    If you want to have a piece of jewelry from 1 of our collections made from our own gold, we do not charge anything extra for a special casting or forging, in fact, the (gold) price can be a lot less than what it is listed for in the webshop.

    After each casting and/or forging, Goudsmid Margriet will finish the piece of jewelry. After finishing, the piece of jewelry is offered at the deposit office. Here your jewelry will be examined whether it has legal content. If this is not the case, no grade mark will appear. If this is the case, the hallmark and the master mark of Goudsmid Margriet will be added.

    Sometimes it happens that you cannot provide enough gold to make the entire piece of jewelry. In that case, we will add new gold to reach the required weight. Your gold is therefore supplemented with our own good gold.
    The cost of a piece of jewelry made from our own gold differs per design. We are very curious about your design and would like to prepare a quotation for you. So feel free to send us an email with your choice from the webshop or your own dream design.

    PHOTOS and/or VIDEOS of the process

    By default, photos are taken of the entire process. Margriet can email or WhatsApp this to you. This way you stay well informed and you are also wonderfully involved in the entire process.

    *Note: All jewelry that is melted down from (old) precious gold of the customer, may deviate from the minimum standard of 14 karat applicable in the Netherlands when graded. Rejection means that no official quality mark can be placed on the piece by the Guarantee. 

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