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    What - Who - Where and How? Goudsmid Margriet describes all the facts and questions about precious metals here. A precious metal is a metal that cannot or can hardly be affected by oxidation. For this reason, precious metals are used for jewelry.

    • Platinum


      "The metal without weaknesses, choose platinum"!
      Do you want a piece of jewelry that retains its beautiful color, does not damage so quickly, and matches beautifully with a diamond?
      Of all precious metals, this naturally silver-white precious metal is

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    • Gold


      "Give gold if you love each other"
      Gold has been used for jewelry for thousands of years. This is partly because this precious metal has a fairly fixed value. There are quite a few different types of gold.

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    • Silver


      Silver is a soft material, but one of the metals that is processed almost purely. The designation 925 actually says it all: of the 1000 particles in an alloy, 925 are pure silver, and the other 75 particles are copper.

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    A precious metal is a metal that can hardly be affected by oxidation. For this reason, precious metals are used for jewelry.

    Examples of precious metals are gold and platinum. These will always look nice. Slightly less noble, for example, is silver, which turns black over time, but can be made beautiful again with a bit of polishing. Even more ignoble is copper, which turns green in the long run. Iron is even more ignoble, it corrodes completely. Yet the latter is not all-determining: take zinc, for example, which defies wind and weather as a roof gutter. Surely this is more ignoble than iron.

    In the Netherlands, decorative objects, jewelry, and tableware made of platinum, gold, and silver intended for trade are provided with a year letter and a hallmark.

    Precious metals were used as a medium of exchange: they were so sought after that those who had gold or silver could exchange these metals for almost anything. The metals were also rare (but not too rare), they did not deteriorate quickly and had a fairly stable value. This allowed the metals to be used as money. Also later, after the introduction of paper money, many currencies were related to the value of gold or silver (gold standard, silver standard, double standard).


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