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  • What you must now about Precious Stones

    What you must now about Precious Stones

    Jewelry with gemstones is the icing on the cake at Margriet Jewels! Your own stone in jewelry - Just like processing your own gold in jewelry, at Margriet Jewels you can also personalize your jewelry with your own stones...

    Own stone in jewelry

    Just like processing your own gold in jewelry, you can also personalize your jewelry at Margriet Jewels by having your own stones processed in jewelry.
    Maybe that one stone has a special meaning for you and you would like to have it incorporated into a piece of jewelry.

    Stone quality

    It is important for us to know what kind of stone it is. There are many gemstones that have inclusions/fractures. This is important information for us before we process it in a piece of jewelry. It is always a risk to put your own stone, this risk lies with the owner of the stone.

    Goldsmith Margriet sets almost all types of gems herself, she will set the stones with all precision, but unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that the stone splits on a fracture surface and breaks. The chance of this happening is 1%, if we consider the risk to be greater, you will hear this from us in advance. Of course, we will do our utmost to put the stone in the desired dream ring and make your jewelry even more personal and with extra meaning.

    Own diamond

    Perhaps you were able to purchase the perfect diamond for you during a holiday or city trip. Goudsmid Margriet can use this in a personal piece of jewelry with all the love and passion for the Goldsmith profession.

    However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the delivered stone. With gemstones that we purchase ourselves and therefore also offer on the website, we know where they come from and can give a guarantee on this. We cannot provide this guarantee with your own stone. If you would still like to have a certificate with your own diamond, we can always ask whether one of our diamond dealers can arrange this for you.

    Are you curious about what your own diamond in a Margriet Jewels ring will cost? Then look at the desired model for the stone size that corresponds to the stone size of your own diamond. If you choose Zirconia under "type of stone", you can keep this price for the ring with your own diamond. The price for setting your own stone comes with a small additional cost. Ask us for a quote.
    We are of course ready to help you if you are unable to find a solution.

    How do I get my gemstone to you?

    Of course, the question then remains how do you get your precious gemstone to us so that we can process it into a beautiful new piece of jewelry.
    You can send the gemstone to us;

    Margriet Jewels & Goudsmid Margriet

    Markeweg 12

    9468 BN Annen

    We advise you to do this by registered and insured mail, but you are not obliged to do so. However, the risk lies with the customer. We are not liable for sending your own Gemstone. Of course, if you think the risk of sending is too great, you can also bring the gemstone to us. If you let us know by phone when you would like to bring your own stone, we will schedule this with you.

    Why does Goldsmith Margriet, the maker of all jewelry at Margriet Jewels, like to work with gemstones?

    Well, do you have a minute? Working with precious metals is my greatest passion. The coarseness, the refinement, the benevolence of the precious metal (but often not), and the stories that jewelry tells make my profession special. It is an honor to be able to work with it, it makes the profession of goldsmith the most beautiful that exists in my opinion. The application of precious stones is of great added value, literally and figuratively. It is the finishing touch for a piece of jewelry and the demand for it has only increased in recent years.

    Purchasing gemstones, or being allowed to work with stone(s) brought by a customer often give me goosebumps. A stone can touch me and release certain emotions or feelings with its unique characteristics. The beauty, the rarity; gemstones are amazing creations of nature. 'Beautiful and pure by nature' is what I always say. You do not add anything to gemstones, they are beautiful in themselves, beautiful as they are.

    I believe in the special characteristics of stones, and the properties they stand for. Characteristics that are different and suit you to a greater or lesser extent and that, believe it or not, often subconsciously go hand in hand with your personal preference and choice. My fascination and absolute preference go out to diamonds. The hardness is exceptional, as are the variations and possibilities in its processing. Once I was allowed to work with a fantastic 7mm. – 1.2 ct. sky diamond that, for its huge and beautiful appearance, moved me to tears.

    Goudsmid Margriet only has a small collection of gemstones in her studio, based on your choice and wishes, almost all gemstones can be ordered and delivered. With my knowledge and experience, I am happy to help and advise you on this.

    Want to know more? Contact us.

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