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    Beautiful bracelets ✔ Handmade by our goldsmith ✔ 2000+ satisfied customers you went for ✔ O.A. Relation rings and birth jewels Margrietjewels.com

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    Popular since Roman times

    A bracelet is a jewel that is worn around the arm (especially around the wrist). The bracelet has been very popular since Roman times. Nowadays even several bracelets are worn simultaneously.

    The silver slave bracelets remain very popular, nowadays often with a personal inscription. But the close for ever bracelet with or without charms remains very appealing to the modern woman. Both in gold and silver.

    At Margriet Jewels you are assured of the quality of a goldsmith. Why? A goldsmith is not for less and certainly Goldsmith Margriet is not! At Meester Goudsmid Margriet, quality and service are of paramount importance. This also applies to the companies that Goldsmith daisy cooperates with. At Margriet Jewels you are therefore at the right address for unique and quality jewelry.


    Fingerprint charms for bracelets

    Margriet Jewels has recently bought CFE bracelets with a fingerprint charm in every desired shape. The example shows a leaf bed with a fingerprint. You can also choose from other charms. Think of a round, square or star. When ordering you can make your choice.


    Inscriptions for bracelets and charms

    If you have found your right bracelet, it is the choice to choose an inscription. There are many creative options that you can choose from. We will list a few examples of this. Consider also an inscription of:

    A sentence from, for example: your favorite love song
    A symbol for example: heart, asterisk or key
    The name or initials of your children
    Each other's nickname
    The place where you first met each other
    The above examples can be handwritten on the bracelet, but also different fonts. The possibilities are endless.


    Bracelet TOAL

    Bracelet TOAL is a beautiful example of a Margriet Jewel. The bracelet is specially bought for you and the charm is hand made by master goldsmith Margriet.


    Bracelet FOREVER

    YOUR / ITS / HER fingerprint in a beautiful solid silver (loyalty) bracelet!

    Beautiful solid silver (wedding) bracelet VOOR ALTIJD. Surprise yourself or your loved one with this special silver bracelet of very good quality!

    The fingerprint can be applied in the INSIDE or OUTSIDE!

    The fingerprint can be taken off by means of the IVS system.

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