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  • PENDANT with fingerprint

    PENDANT with fingerprint

    Buy pendants with a fingerprint as a special gift? ✔ At Margrietjewels.com you are at the right address! ✔Handmade products and always a unique gift! ✔

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    One of a KIND jewel!

    Giving a gift to a very dear person can be a difficult job. There are many possibilities and it is often difficult to make a good choice. "Is the gift I give representative enough for the bond I have with the person?" A gift is always the intrinsic value and not the extrinsic value. Beautiful gifts with a personal touch are for example fingerprint jewelery. This can include fingerprinted pendants.

    By giving your fingerprint you make the message very personal. This is how you distinguish yourself, for example, with your unique gift. Pendants with fingerprint is very personal, original and is rare. With Margrietjewels.com you can effortlessly order pendants with a fingerprint. All special jewelry is created with the utmost care by Goudsmid Margriet. This promises that your pendants with fingerprint will be guaranteed to be beautiful and unique.


    Ash - Hair - Insect - Flower - Breast milk

    Did you know that there is even more potential with hangers with a fingerprint? You can also choose to do something special with the inside or the back of the hanger. As an extra you can also place HAAR of yourself or a dear person in this pendant. It is also possible to transform hangers with fingerprints into shafts.

    In addition, it is also possible to combine hangers with fingerprint with an INSECT, a FLOWER or MOTHER MILK on the back or inside. How special is it to have a special keepsake in the inside or back of the special jewel! This makes this personal keepsake even more special for both the giver and the recipient.


    Personal pendant with fingerprint

    Margrietjewels.com has a total of 4 models of fingerprinters in the assortment. Each model has its own meaning. A pendant with a personal fingerprint is very unique. The person who gives the pendant has set up her personal fingerprint once. The fingerprint is lasered into the pendant and can be used multiple times. You can use the fingerprint with ink, but also in lacquer to make a seal. Needless to say that this is a one of a kind one.

    Because the hanger gets a personal turn thanks to the unique fingerprint, the receiver attaches a great deal of importance to the intrinsic value. Hangers with a fingerprint are worth a lot only for the receiver, a possible thief of course does not benefit from hangers with a fingerprint that is from an unknown person. In short, it is a very unique gift that remains a lifelong preserved object.

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