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    Collectie GRÀDH Pendant NAAM, gold

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    NAAM means NAME and when love becomes life, happiness receives a name... Imagine this name as a pendant, made out of a beautiful precious metal with the addition of a ruby, also called the life stone.

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    ‘Wat vind U van Margriet jewels?’

    Product description

    Photo: Pendant NAAM, gold with ruby, combined with necklace SLANG, gold. The name of baby Nina is depicted in this pendant. The dot of the 'i' is decorated with a meaningful ruby (life stone). Click here for the story behind this jewel!

    When love becomes life, happiness receives a name... Imagine this name as a pendant, made out of a beautiful precious metal with the addition of a ruby, also called the life stone.

    Characteristics of the ruby: 

    • colour: red, pink
    • material: natural
    • Mohs hardness: 9
    • country of origin: Thailand, Birma, Sri Lanka
    • treatment: warmth

    Ruby is a variant of corundum and a very valuable gemstone. Ruby owes its colour to a trace of chromic oxide; the amount of the oxide present determines the intensity of the color. This stone has been valued since ancient times. The oldest written records of ruby ​​mining mention quarries in Burma. From there the stones came via trade routes to the courts and to the temples of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

    Characteristics of the emerald: 'King of the gemstones'

    • colour: dark green 
    • material: natural
    • Mohs hardness: 7.5-8.0
    • county of origin: Colombia, Brazil, United States
    • treatment: warmth

    The emerald has always been regarded as the 'king of gems'. The stone was already known thousands of years before Christ and emerald was extracted and used in jewelry, amulets, and art objects. Emeralds have been found in the burial chambers of Egyptian pharaohs. An emerald is often cloudy due to inclusions. The clearer the stone, the higher the price.

    Characteristics of the sapphire: 'The immortal'

    • colour: royal blue 
    • material: natural
    • Mohs hardness: 9
    • country of origin: Madagascar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka
    • treatment: warmth

    Sapphires have been beloved gemstones since the dawn of time, because of their great beauty and extraordinary characteristics. All blue stones used to be called ''Sapphire''. Blue Sapphire gets its color from titanium and iron oxides; the depth of the color is determined by the oxide percentage. The Sapphire is said to grant its owner strength, honor, and immortality.

    Characteristics of the diamond:

    • colour: white
    • material: natural
    • Mohs hardness: 10 
    • country of origin: Russia, Botswana, Canada
    • treatment: none

    Diamond gets its name because of its hardness, there is nothing with equal hardness, so it is almost imperishable. How a diamond is judged is quite subjective. A pure diamond is colorless. Usually, it applies; the less colour, the purer, so the more valuable. Certain relatively common discolorations, such as yellow, lower the value of the diamond. Of course, these stones will still be valuable.

    Pendant NAAM can be made in the following precious metals:

    • 14K yellow gold 
    • 14K red gold 
    • 14K white gold with nickel
    • 14K white gold with Palladium 
    • 14K rose gold 
    • 18K yellow gold 
    • 18K red gold
    • 18K white gold with nickel 
    • 19K ULTRA white gold
    • 22K yellow gold
    • Platinum

    Choice of necklace:

    There are multiple options in the choice of a necklace for a pendant. At the top of the page, you can choose a matching necklace. But there are even more options! Would you like more information and/or tips from Goldsmith Margriet? Click here.

    More than a piece of jewelry!

    A design piece of jewelry by Margriet Jewels stands for quality and originality. All jewelry from the webshop, including the GRÀDH & REIJN collections, come from the atelier of Goldsmith Margriet, who has been inspiring for years with her beautiful pieces. Jewelry from Margriet Jewels can always be adapted to your wishes. Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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    • Length x width x height 25x7x5 mm.
    • Weight in grams from 4 gram
    • Material Massive gold
    • Carat 14c, 18c or 19 carats
    • Carat gemstone 0,11crt.

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    • 5 / 5 Sabina Boonstra 16-11-2015 17:40

      Wat ben ik blij met de gouden naamhanger van mijn dochter Nina. Hij is zo origineel en bijzonder. Regelmatig krijg ik te horen wat een leuke hanger ik om heb en als ik de hanger dan kantel en ze zien de naam Nina staan dan zijn ze helemaal enthousiast! Een echte aanrader, deze prachtige ketting. Fijn ook dat ik een goed advies kreeg over het collier. Het is sterk, fijn en mooi, een prachtig geheel geworden! Top en bedankt Margriet!

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