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  • Ring STIJL, platinum

    Collectie REIJN Ring STIJL, platinum

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    STIJL means STYLE and whoever chooses STIJL, goes for a ring with the same name. Simple and powerful in design, made of solid platinum with a gemstone of your choice.

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    Product description

    Photo: ring STIJL, platinum with chrome diopside 

    STIJL means STYLE and whoever chooses STIJL, goes for a ring with the same name. Simple and powerful in design, made of solid platinum with a gemstone of your choice.
    The ring has the unique sleek design that Goudsmid Margriet loves so much, see the REIJN collection for more.

    Characteristics of the chrome diopside: 

    • colour: intense, deep green 
    • material: natural 
    • Mohs hardness: 5.5-6
    • country of origin: Russia
    • treatment: none

    This brilliant-cut green chrome diopside is a member of the pyroxene family. Contains chromium, an element that provides a rich green color. The Chromium Diopsite has not been known to consumers for very long, but fortunately, it is becoming increasingly popular.

    Characteristics of the tourmaline: 

    • colour: tourmaline green
    • material: natural
    • Mohs hardness: 7
    • country of origin: Brazil, Kenia, Tanzania
    • treatment: warmth

    Although Tourmaline was already known in the Mediterranean in ancient times, it was only imported from Sri Lanka in 1703 by the Dutch in Western Europe. They named the new gemstone after the Sinhalese word "Turmali", which means "stone of mixed colors". Tourmaline is therefore a special mineral, it comes in every conceivable color. From colorless to jet black! Different colors can occur in both the longitudinal direction and the cross-cut. 

    Ring STIJL can be made in the following precious metals: 

    • 14K yellow gold 
    • 14K red gold 
    • 14K white gold with nickel
    • 14K white gold with Palladium 
    • 14K rose gold 
    • 18K yellow gold 
    • 18K red gold
    • 18K white gold with nickel 
    • 19K ULTRA white gold
    • 22K yellow gold
    • Platinum

    Ring size

    When you do not know your exact ring size, you can order the multi-sizer for free here. In principle, order today: receive the multi-sizer tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    More than a piece of jewelry!

    A design piece of jewelry by Margriet Jewels stands for quality and originality. All jewelry from the webshop, including the GRÀDH & REIJN collections, come from the atelier of Goldsmith Margriet, who has been inspiring for years with her beautiful pieces. Jewelry from Margriet Jewels can always be adapted to your wishes. Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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    • Width x thickness ± 20x5,5mm.
    • Weight ± 8 gram
    • Material Massive platinum
    • Carat metal 950/thousandth
    • Carat gemstone 0.46 Crt.
    • Form outside Flat high gloss
    • Form inside Flat high gloss

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